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Wine experiences

For lovers of wine, its culture and its tradition

Meet our host

Experiencia vinícola con tu alquiler turístico en la Costa Dorada

Xavi is passionate about wine, and it is no coincidence, since he was born and raised in a region surrounded by vineyards and wineries. It is considered a dedicated wine tourism guide, but what is a wine tourism guide?
A wine tourism guide teaches you to understand the reason for the flavors, aromas and textures of a wine. The one that all these characteristics are connected with the wine region where the singular wines belong.
Putting wines in context is explaining the history, territory, culture and particular traditions of each of the wine regions. And it is that a wine region has to be lived, a wine region must be trodden to understand what it is capable of giving you in the form of fruits that will later become one of the most prestigious wines in the Mediterranean.
A guide has the function of transmitting all these combined values in the reality of the difficult day to day to the vineyards and the impact that this entails in the local community. Showing you the uniqueness of all these concepts in the closest and friendliest, but at the same time honest and up-to-date is the very pleasant task of your guide, but this is not about giving lessons, but about learning from each other what will become a sharing of constant emotions.
In the end the wine becomes the excuse to enjoy a global experience together, and he is waiting for you!

Our experiences

Half-day tour of the Priorat wine region

Enjoy an authentic wine tasting, experience a unique identity and admire the breathtaking views of the Priorat Designation of Origin.

A 5-hour tour to taste the best wines and discover a wine area hidden among steep valleys, surprising landscapes and a lot of history where the most prestigious and heroic wines are produced. We will walk through some secret vineyards of the Priorat to understand the difficulty of cultivating vineyards in this spectacular terroir, we will know the incredible history of these valleys visiting unknown corners and we will visit an amazing winery.

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Obviously, all these experiences will be accompanied by the flavor of the most prestigious wines in the area. We will taste daring, fruity, complex and concentrated wines, often from very low-yielding old Garnacha or Cariñena vines, which explains the high quality of these renowned drinks.

El Priorat is a remarkable wine region facing UNESCO World Heritage nomination.

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Are you going to miss the opportunity to know why? And just 30

minutes from Tarragona!

Vacaciones en Cambrils

Tour to discover the Peñon vineyards with a 4x4 vehicle, visit an organic winery and enjoy a unique wine tasting.

Experience the unique identity of this wine region that brings together the Mediterranean landscape, organic wines, historical wineries, food regional and much more.


Take an amazing tour of the wine region del Penedès with a 4x4 vehicle to discover the most beautiful vineyards, secret terroirs and enjoy the great landscapes that these lands offer us.

Obviously all these experiences will go accompanied by the tasting of the most prestigious wines of the area. We will taste a wide range of products such as sparkling, white, red and even organic olive oil from

the same cellar.

A complete outdoor experience combining wine, nature and gastronomy, get involved in Mediterranean culture with this wine tour.

Disfruta de una auntética experiencia vinícola en Salou

Tour to taste the most prestigious sparkling wines in Spain.

Disfruta de una auntética experiencia vinícola en Salou

Learn why the magic of bubbles in the

wine makes happiness . There is a lot of history behind of each bottle, the great effort made in the

vineyards, a lot of traditions are developed in the culture of wine and the result It is an amazing product: sparkling wine. Experience a wine tour to discover how the most prestigious sparkling wines are, how they are made and learn what is behind this magical drink. We will taste the most notable sparkling wines of the world visiting two wineries in The Region Vitivinícola del Penedés, land of renowned organic wines.

Ready for you to discover all these secrets?


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Disfruta de una auntética experiencia vinícola en Salou

Responsible and sustainable tourism

Disfruta de una auntética experiencia vinícola en Salou


Traveling means happiness

Disfruta de una auntética experiencia vinícola en La Pineda


They are not tours, they are experiences

Small groups for a positive impact in the region visited and help the local economy grow.

Quality and focus on the visitor are our priorities to achieve your joyous experience through our activities.

Our experiences involve meeting the locals to learn about them, their traditions and their stories.

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