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Route through the Costa Dorada in a unique sailing ship in Spain

Take the helm and feel the Mediterranean under your feet

Meet our host


Robert is an expert sailor and passionate about the sea. I couldn't live far from the water and the candle. With more than 30 years of experience he has gone through competitions, coach, merchant marine officer, organizing international competitions, professional skipper and a long etcetera.

An engineer by profession and a sailor by vocation, he has set out to bring sailing in a fun and simple way in the purest and most ecological style for everyone. Whether you've ever sailed or not, Robert will make the experience unique by sailing and discovering places on the Gold Coast that even locals don't know about.

The boat chosen by Robert fits perfectly with the traditional idea of ​​sailing. A classic made entirely of wood in the Netherlands, unique in the waters of the Mediterranean and 10 meters long.

You cannot miss this opportunity on the Costa Dorada to enjoy a different day of sailing, sun, relaxation and water available to everyone.

Our experiences

Discover the coast of Tarragona on a unique sailboat in Spain

Enjoy this exclusive experience on the Costa Dorada on a sailboat unique in Spain . Our skipper Robert will teach you his passion for sailing and all the curiosities about the coast that we are going to navigate. We will depart from the port of Torredembarra to Miami Playa sailing through its secret coves. With a typical aperitif from the area, we will taste the sea in its purest state with the people we love. The tour lasts 3 hours of pure Mediterranean. With total confidence you can ask Robert to drop the anchor in the cove that you like the most to discover the seabed by snorkeling or jumping off the boat to cool off in the hot sun.

Image by Luke Bender

Romantic getaway or with friends

Revitalizing sunset on a sailboat next to yours

In this experience, we are going to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the province of Tarragona on board our unique sailboat in Spain. From the horizon we will live the unique moment that nature offers us, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the silence, the calm and we will recharge with energy observing how the sun hides next to the Mediterranean. The reflections in the sea, the warm lights of the sunset and a glass of cava from the region will make the experience unique. If you like photography or social networks, you can enjoy taking stunning photographs in this idyllic setting.


Discover the coast of Tarragona on a unique sailboat in Spain

From € 65 / pers

Includes: Local snack, a drink, recommendations, exclusive treatment

Revitalizing sunset on a sailboat next to yours

From € 60 / pers

Includes: Local snack, a drink, recommendations, exclusive treatment

* It is recommended: Bring sunscreen, a towel, spare clothes and windbreakers

Daily departures of 3h with a drink and snack included.


From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

From 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sunsets: 7:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.


Responsible and sustainable tourism


Traveling means happiness


Not just tours, there are experiences

Small groups for a positive impact in the region visited and help the local economy grow.

Quality and focus on the visitor are our priorities to achieve your joyous experience through our activities.

Our experiences involve meeting the locals to learn about them, their traditions and their stories.

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