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The charming town of Siurana

Spectacular views worthy of Instagram

Meet our hostess

Descubre Siurana con Mediterranean Way

I came to Spain escaping from a financial crisis in my country. In 2008, I decided to return to my country despite already having a life here. When I returned to my land I realized that I longed to have grown up near a river, surrounded by nature, unexplored places ... I decided to return to Spain just two months after I left, I suppose that Spain was now my land. So I started looking for places that resembled what I had experienced in my hometown. I started with nearby sites, some already known as Siurana, then others less known and wonderfully beautiful. Each route discovered was a new adventure that helped me to improve myself, to want to move forward, to live more connected with the nature that was close to me, to strengthen my body, my spirit and my self-esteem. My interest in looking for alternative routes to the more touristy ones discovered that Siurana is much more than a pretty town with spectacular views. Every time I have made a new route or have repeated one, I feel renewed, connected and happy again, that is what I look for or try to make others feel, that for a few hours they forget their problems, their conditions and give themselves the opportunity to connect with themselves surrounded by an incredible nature that is just a sample of what this planet gives us and gives us daily.

Our experiences

Half-day tour: The charming town of Siurana

Enjoy this exclusive experience on a tour of this fairytale town that brings with it the memory of endless sieges and impossible conquests. The route begins in the parking lot of the town, where we will begin to descend the mountain towards the swamp. Upon arrival, we will stop for a while to rest and bathe (depending on the season). Then we will follow the route, going back up the mountain by another path until we reach the town again. Throughout the tour, we will have spectacular views of Siurana and the mountains that surround it. Photographs worthy of Instagram will appear . Once in town, we will take a walk through its streets, we will take photos of its landscapes and we will know its history.

Vistas de Siurana en la experiencia Mediterarranean Way
Vistas de Siurana en la experiencia Mediterranean Way

Energizing sunsets in Siurana

In this experience, we will experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the province of Tarragona. At the top of the hill, where the historic town of Siurana is located, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the silence, the calm and we will recharge with energy watching the sun go down next to the Siurana lake. The reflections in the lake and the warm lights of the sunset will make the experience unique. If you like photography or social networks, you can enjoy taking stunning photographs in this idyllic setting.


Half-day tour: The charming town of Siurana

Sunset in Siurana

From € 25 / pers

Includes: Transportation with a private van from the Reus bus station, additional cost of € 5 for pick-up at the apartment

* Recommended: Comfortable clothing according to the season, comfortable shoes, spare socks, a snack, fruit or a small snack, cap and sunscreen on sunny days.

Daily departures at the Reus bus station


From 7.45 and return to the same station at 14:00 approx.

Sunsets: from March 20 to September 20


Responsible and sustainable tourism


Traveling means happiness


Not just tours, there are experiences

Small groups for a positive impact in the region visited and help the local economy grow.

Quality and focus on the visitor are our priorities to achieve your joyous experience through our activities.

Our experiences involve meeting the locals to learn about them, their traditions and their stories.

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