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passionate about what they do.

Our main objective: Offer unique experiences to those who love the Mediterranean through our vacation rentals.

Albert Veciana

My passion for the Mediterranean led me to found the Mediterranean Way. We create unique experiences for our guests through the vacation apartments that we manage and we get the most out of the accommodations through design, collaboration with the environment and transparency to our  owners.


To become the largest agency in the Mediterranean by offering unique accommodations to those who love the Mediterranean, taking care of the environment and working transparently and ethically with our owners.

Maria Royo
Booking Manager

His mission is very clear. May our visitors have the best of stays. Organize, create rate plans and provide impactful announcements so that the rhythm of reservations does not stop.

Maria Solà
Head of administration 

Although she is considered "the wild card", she is a vital part of the team as she provides support in all areas efficiently and ensures that payments to our owners never stop.

Andrew Petersen
Head of Maintenance 

If you ever see him running down the street, he's probably headed for an apartment. Its mission is to keep our homes in perfect condition so that our visitors have the best of vacations.

Head of cleaning 

Your role is key in our company. It is our eyes outside the office, leaving the apartments in a perfect state of cleanliness and solving all the requests that our visitors need.

Connected with our guests.

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