passionate about what they do.

Our main goal: Create the hosting experience.

We help our owners  to get the most out of accommodation through design, collaboration with the environment and transparency.


To become the largest agency in the Mediterranean offering unique accommodation to those who love the Mediterranean, caring for the environment and working transparently and ethically with our owners.

Eva Bernal
Property Manager Specialist

Responsible for ensuring that no one misses anything. His endless years of experience will make the entire administrative and internal management process easy and efficient.

Maria Royo
Booking Manager

Su misión es muy clara. Que nuestros visitantes pasen la mejor de las estancias. Organiza, crea planes de tarifas y proporciona anuncios impactantes para que el ritmo de las reservas, no pare.

Maria Sola
Head of administration 

Although she considers herself "the wild card", she is a vital part of the team as she efficiently supports all areas and ensures that payments to our owners never stop.

Ana Ramia
Community Manager

If you ever see us doing little dances on Instagram and Tik Tok, she will be the culprit behind the scenes. Its mission is to create a network strategy and create the appropriate content to communicate efficiently and to bring our accommodations closer to our future visitors.

Albert Veciana

My passion for the Mediterranean led me to found Mediterranean Way. We create unique experiences for our guests through the vacation apartments we manage and we get the most out of the accommodation through design, collaboration with the environment and transparency to our  owners.


Connected with our guests.

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