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Feel the colors of the Mediterranean,
with Mediterranean Way.


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Explore the Gold Coast

We love the Mediterranean. its culture, its gastronomy, its climate and its incredible turquoise beaches. Discover with usthe best apartmentsYvillasto enjoy a unique vacation with the people you love.

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The best views

Pool and terrace;
The best allies on your vacation.

Punta Prima

After a day at the beach, you will enjoy a cool bath in our incredible complexes, with a terrace, air conditioning and a swimming pool.

Tarragona, Roman city

This city located on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Romans chose it as the capital of the Iberian Peninsula. We know what reasons they were not lacking. Its gastronomy, its culture, its leisure and its virgin beaches make this place a place not to be forgotten. 

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Apartamento Canela

100% verified opinions

Orla | United Kingdom

"The apartment was ideal, super market next door and 1 min walk from all the restaurants, shops, beach."

Christian | United Kingdom

"The location was amazing, literally built on top of an ancient Roman chariot circus. The apartment was spacious and clean with lots of appliances as well as lots of dishes. All in all we had a spectacular stay."

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